Custom Painted GRAFFITI CRAW MANDATORY Coffin Bill Crankbait


Shipping to United States: $6.95

This custom painted pattern came about with a vision! What could mingle in the water and favor its surroundings? What could Catch 5 Lures come up with to closely mimic different variations of all the crawfish color’s? We came up with GRAFFITI CRAW!!! Graffiti Craw is a series of different color patterns. This particular one has 10 color’s on the back and sides with a custom craw pattern! There is a mixture on the belly and lower sides of various yellows and oranges to add depth! This series is literally “DROP IT LIKES ITS HOTTT!”

Coffin Bill
Flat Sided
Mustad KVD Short Shank Treble Hooks #4
Black Eye’s

*All baits may possibly need to be tuned

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